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Ernest Koken


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Ernest Koken

Ernest Koken is the famous inventor of the first hydraulic barber chair in the late 1800s. He started business by hand painting shaving mugs in 1874. Mr. Koken also started distribution of unique personalized copper coins for barber customers. This very rare treasure token coin is stamped "Koken's CO; St. Louis" with # 2 for discount on products and on other side it is stamped "GRACEY'S BARBER SHOP; with .85 cents" discount on hair cut and shave. An original Koken Shaving Mug is near priceless and this original Koken Brass Token is also a very rare treasure that is seldom found from 125+... LEARN MORE

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  • Barber Chair by Ernest Koken, Original Chair from Empire State Bldg 1931 - 1
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