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Designer Spotlight: David Guéron

Designer Spotlight:  David Guéron was an enigmatic glassmaker of Turkish origin and founder of the “Cristalleries De Compiegne”. His glassworks house produced mainly household glass in the early 1920’s but he soon decided to branch out and pursue more artistic glass making techniques. Continue reading


Light It Up: Lighting and Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a beautifully decorated, stylish, elegant room and thought, “this is gorgeous, but I don’t feel comfortable here”? Have you ever sat down on a plastic chair in a warm, sun-soaked window at a public library and said, “I could sit here forever”? Think about those two spaces. Aside from décor and ambiance what makes them different? How could a fantastically chic and stylish room leave you feeling uncomfortable and stiff while an old plastic chair makes you feel happy and cozy? It has everything to do with lighting. Continue reading