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Style Files: History of the Desk

Did you know that the growth and spread of literacy in Europe created an entire new category of furniture? It wasn’t until the 17th century that the desk as we know it today was created. Before then, scribes would sit at sloped, rudimentary tables to make copies of books and manuscripts and documents. Those who were able to read and write before the 17th century were typically of the upper class and as such, they wanted refined furniture that would suit their needs—specific needs—for writing and reading. Thus, the desk was born. Continue reading


New Pieces at AntiquitiesWeb!

At AntiquitiesWeb, we consider November 1st the official kick-off date of the holiday season. We can already smell the mulled wine on the stovetop and feel the urge to do some early gift shopping. The best part of the holidays is, without a doubt, getting together with friends and family to laugh at old memories while making new ones. If you’re hosting a celebration at your home this year chances are you’d like to refresh your abode before those out-of-towners come knocking on your door. Continue reading