Style Files: Art Nouveau


Art Nouveau is a style of art, architecture, design, and decorative arts that was most popular during 1890-1910. It was a reaction to the strict, stifling academic art favored in the 19th century. Instead of harsh lines and industrial design, nature and the natural form inspired art nouveau. Its curved lines reference the natural curve of the human body. Art Nouveau was about blending in with nature while keeping a highly stylized design aesthetic—no easy feat.

Art Nouveau is considered to be a ‘total’ style, meaning it spread to all aspects of design and architecture. Painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, interior designers and furniture makers embraced Art Nouveau style. Although the boom of Art Nouveau was replaced rather quickly by 20th century Modernist styles, it is considered an important transition between the historic revival styles of the 19th century and Modernism.

AntiquitesWeb carries beautiful Art Nouveau pieces for a variety of interiors. Our pieces are hand selected and of the utmost quality. The flawless designs, curved lines, and elegant finishes of our chairs, cabinets and mirrors add glamour and beauty to any home.  We carry the following Art Nouveau pieces:


 A pair of walnut arm chairs by Louis Majorelle. Circa 1900.


Console/side cabinet, wrought iron, bronze, onyx and glass by Raymond Subes. Circa 1925.


Art Nouveau easel back frame dressing mirror w/full figure of woman. Circa 1900s.


Art Nouveau easel back frame dressing table mirror w/ladies head. Circa early 1900′s.


Art Nouveau easel back frame dressing table mirror w/ woman figure. Circa early 1900′s.


Art Nouveau easel back frame dressing table mirror. Circa early 1900′s.


Art Nouveau easel back frame dressing table mirror with two women figures. Circa early 1900′s.


French Art Nouveau walnut serving table w/removable glass tray; all sides open out as extensions totable. Engraved Majorelle signature. Circa 1900s.

If you need to refresh your entire home or add just one special piece, contact AntiquitiesWeb. Our selection of top quality antiques are unique, original, and timelessly beautiful. Whether you are looking for a stylish Art Nouveau serving table or a mirror for your vanity AntiquitiesWeb has the piece for you. To see these pieces and more call us at 212-644-4236, contact us, or visit our New York gallery.

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