Designer Spotlight: La Verre Francais

La Verre Francais is a special line of art glass made by Schneider Glassworks between 1918 and 1932. Brothers Charles and Earnest Schneider created the company which created exquisite two to three layers glass bowls, vases, lamps, cameos, and more in a style which combined both Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

The brothers introduced their line in 1918 and sold it at their own retail gallery in Paris, which was run by their sister Ernestine. Major department stores in both Europe and America began selling the glass art and the brothers become known worldwide for their gorgeous glasswork. Previously, the brothers had worked for the Daum brothers in the early 1900’s. Earnest worked as a salesman/commercial manager and Charles worked as a freelance designer. The brothers left Daum in 1912 and moved into an old factory where they opened their business under the name Schneider Frerer et Wolff. When the war began many of the brother’s most skilled workers were called away to serve during battle. The factory was closed and then reopened in 1917 to make glassware needed for hospitals. The brothers worked tirelessly to get back into the glass art market and eventually began to sell their works of art to an international clientele. Each work of art is signed Charder, which is amalgam of CHAR from Charles and DER from Schneider and can be used to spot an original, or a fake.

AntiquitiesWeb is proud to carry pieces from La Verre Francais. Each work of art is authentic, unique, and incredibly gorgeous:


An overlaid & etched glass vase, circa 1925, cameo signature Charder and engraved Le Verre Francais.


An overlaid & etched glass vase, Bell Flower motif, Le Verre Francaise, circa 1930.


An overlaid & etched glass vase, geometrical floral motif, signed Le Verre Francais, circa 1920′s.


An overlaid & etched glass vase, circa 1925, signature engraved Le Verre Francais.


An overlaid & etched glass vase, circa 1925, engraved Le Verre Francais.


Raisin violet, a Le Verre Francais, cameo glass vase. Colourless glass w/yellow powders overlaid in purple and violet and etched w/irregular pattern of bunches of grapes. Engraved mark Le Verre Francais, circa 1922-1923

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