Designer Spotlight: David Guéron

Designer Spotlight:  David Guéron was an enigmatic glassmaker of Turkish origin and founder of the “Cristalleries De Compiegne”. His glassworks house produced mainly household glass in the early 1920’s but he soon decided to branch out and pursue more artistic glass making techniques. In 1926, Guéron opened a new factory, which he called “Verrerie D’Art Degue” and put all his attention on designing and manufacturing luxury Art Deco glass. Under his new company he produced mainly lamps, chandeliers, and vases. The deep colors, which he achieved via a special process, earned him much critical acclaim and success. When World War II hit, Guéron fled France and closed his glassworks company in 1949. Today the factory still stands in Compiegne and is owned by a tile and doorframe company. The original furnace covered in melted glass on the inside walls still remains in the building.

Guéron’s work is classic, timeless, and only becomes better with age. His vibrant colors and artistic direction make his glassworks true masterpieces. AntiquitiesWeb has sourced the best of Guéron’s pieces to add to your home. Our collection includes the following pieces:


Cameo Glass Vase, David Gueron, 1920′s Art Deco


French Art Deco chandelier – three arm nickel plated and frosted glass with one large center shade and three smaller satellite shades. Each shade signed, Degue. France circa 1930.


French Art Deco Chandelier – frosted gold glass with floral pattern, single large shade humg by braided chain. Signed Degue France. Circa 1930.


French Art Deco Chandelier – wrought iron and frosted glass with a large center shade and four satellite shades each engraved “Degue”. France circa 1930.


French Art Deco Chandelier – one large central frosted orange glass shade with floral and leaf pattern hung from 3 brass link arms. Engraved “Degue” on shade. France circa 1930.

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