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Style Files: New (Old) Antiques from AntiquitiesWeb

Now that the holidays are over and the in-laws are out of the guest room it’s time to sit back, relax, and treat yourself to some “me” time (and some “me” presents!) You’ve done your share of gift giving and now it’s time for some gift getting. Luckily AntiquitiesWeb has scoured the globe and come back with exciting new pieces to ring in the New Year with style. So keep your resolution to treat yourself right with a new beautiful antique from AntiquitiesWeb. Continue reading


Style Files: Biedermeier Furniture

Biedermeier furniture was born from utilitarian principles in Germany during the years 1815 to 1848. Throughout the beginning of the Biedermeier period there was an emphasis on very little ornamentation and clean lines. As the period progressed the Biedermeier style moved away from Romantic-era rebellion and became increasingly ornate. The reason for the change in style was due to the rising middle class who was eager to show off their wealth with ornate, heavy furniture and classical design. Continue reading


Style Files: The History of Tables

The table is the center of your home. It’s an object where you share meals, help with homework, write letters, draw ideas, and gather around. It’s a an object that collects plates, displays decorations, and accumulates items that we’re too lazy to put away (it’s ok, we’re all guilty of that.) It’s also an object with a very old history. Continue reading


Style Files: Vanities

In 18th century France, “toilet tables” became a piece of furniture that every high born and bred lady desired. The “toilet tables” became what we know today as “vanities”. Ladies in France would put their makeup on and have their hair done at their “toilet tables”. Their cosmetics would be laid out on the table in preparation and when the ladies were finished they would wrap their cosmetics in small, square linens (known as toilettes) and bundle the makeup in the storage section of their vanities. The 18th century Restoration “toilet table” was ornate and gorgeous, featuring carvings and brass pulls and knobs. Continue reading


Style Files: Modernist Furniture

At AntiquitiesWeb we have a real love affair with modern furniture. While we appreciate an Empire settee or a gilded mirror, there’s something so timeless and chic about the smooth lines and sleek look of a modern piece of furniture. Modern furniture refers to furniture produced during the late 19th century to present day. The modern design movement evolved from the heavy, ornamental furniture of the previous centuries. Often, the length of time a piece of furniture took to create was a measure of its value. The modernist movement shifted the emphasis from heavy, time-consuming design to simple and functional design. Continue reading


New Pieces at AntiquitiesWeb!

At AntiquitiesWeb, we consider November 1st the official kick-off date of the holiday season. We can already smell the mulled wine on the stovetop and feel the urge to do some early gift shopping. The best part of the holidays is, without a doubt, getting together with friends and family to laugh at old memories while making new ones. If you’re hosting a celebration at your home this year chances are you’d like to refresh your abode before those out-of-towners come knocking on your door. Continue reading


Antique Furniture Rental

Are you currently selling your home or apartment? Do you dread phone calls from your realtor out of fear that they want to come show your house to prospective clients but you haven’t cleaned up? Are you nervous that prospective buyers won’t be able to envision themselves living in your home? Our pro tip for making your home “buyer friendly” without spending exorbitant amounts on renovations is simple: furniture rental. Continue reading


Style Files: Antiques Are In (And Flying Out!)

We wanted to say thank you to our wonderful, loyal, and perennially stylish clients who always look to our antiques to add a dash of style to their homes. We love to hunt down the most exquisite antiquities all across the world. Our greatest joy is to find the perfect piece for each and every person that walks into our showroom. We are honored to have you visit our showroom and choose a piece of art, a set of chairs, or a dining room table that adds comfort and show stopping style to your home. We have recently sold the following furniture to make way for new and exceptional pieces: Continue reading


Light It Up: Lighting and Interior Design

Have you ever walked into a beautifully decorated, stylish, elegant room and thought, “this is gorgeous, but I don’t feel comfortable here”? Have you ever sat down on a plastic chair in a warm, sun-soaked window at a public library and said, “I could sit here forever”? Think about those two spaces. Aside from décor and ambiance what makes them different? How could a fantastically chic and stylish room leave you feeling uncomfortable and stiff while an old plastic chair makes you feel happy and cozy? It has everything to do with lighting. Continue reading

Baroque copy

Style Files: Baroque Antiques

The Baroque style began around 1600 in Rome, Italy and spread around Europe rather quickly. Baroque is an artistic style that uses easily interpreted detail to produce drama and exuberance, grandeur and elegance in sculpture, painting, music, dance, literature, architecture and furniture design. Continue reading