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Designer Spotlight: La Verre Francais

La Verre Francais is a special line of art glass made by Schneider Glassworks between 1918 and 1932. Brothers Charles and Earnest Schneider created the company which created exquisite two to three layers glass bowls, vases, lamps, cameos, and more in a style which combined both Art Deco and Art Nouveau. Continue reading


Designer Spotlight: Oskar Strnad

Oskar Strnad (b. October 26, 1879 – d. September 3, 1935) was an Austrian designer, set designer, sculptor and architect. Along with Austrian born architect Josef Frank he created the Wiener Schule der Architektur (“Vienna School of Architecture”). The two men were very interested in creating modern living spaces for people of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Strnad was specifically interested in designing furniture, ceramics, and painting watercolors used as props for plays and films. Continue reading

Designer Spotlight: Daum Studio

Daum crystal studio is based in Nancy, France and was founded in 1878 by Jean Daum. His children, Auguste Daum and Antonin Daum headed production during the Art Nouveau period after their father passed away. Their method of glassmaking remained the same throughout the company’s history. They are the only company that uses the pâte de verre (glass paste) process for their crystal and art glass sculptures. Pâte verre is a technique where crushed glass is packed into a refractory mold and then fired and fused together in a kiln. The technique gives Daum pieces their unique and beautiful style. Continue reading


Designer Spotlight: Émile Gallé

Émile Gallé was a French artist who worked primarily in glass and came to be known as one of the major artists during the French Art Nouveau movement. Gallé was born in Nancy, on May 8, 1846. He was the son of a faience and furniture maker and as a youth Gallé studied drawing, philosophy, and botany. He learned the art of glassmaking at Meisenthal and then worked at his father’s factory before launching his own career. He began by using clear glass decorated with enamel but soon developed his own style featuring heavy, opaque glass carved or etched with plant motifs. The natural motifs in his work would become extremely popular during the Art Nouveau movement. His later work featured elements like metallic foils and air bubbles and revitalized the glass industry by building a workshop that was able to mass reproduce his and other artists’ designs. Continue reading

Radio City

Designer Spotlight: Donald Deskey

AntiquitiesWeb is proud to carry multiple pieces by famed designer Donald Deskey. Deskey’s visionary work helped establish a look that became known as “Streamlined Modern.” The lines of his pieces showcase a restrained design sensibility and an impeccable eye for taste. Deskey’s pieces are as beautiful today as they were decades ago.  Continue reading


Mid-Century Modern Designers Spotlight: Gilbert Rohde

With its sleek lines, minimalistic aesthetic and futuristic style, mid-century modern design is at once timeless and retro. Whether you’re buying a Saarinen chair with original Knoll upholstery or searching for a Storagewall from George Nelson, there are endless ways to mix mid-century pieces into the design of your home.  If you want to introduce mid-century design into your living space test the waters with a classic piece from the best designers. Their pieces never go out of style and with the proper care will last a lifetime. Continue reading