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First-year applicants: Tests & scores.How we use test scores

Standardized tests are required for anybody applying as a first-year student to MIT. However, they may not be truly the only factor, and sometimes even the most important aspect.

We review all of your academic information—grades, scores, classes, etc.—to ensure that you are prepared for MIT when we receive your application. The majority of our applicants are very well prepared to succeed at MIT in part because of the strength of our applicant pool.

This implies because we admit people, not numbers that you shouldn’t stress out too much about your scores. With that said, tests are certainly important, and you should prepare for them as best you can easily.

Testing requirements

Standardized test requirements: 2019–2020 and beyond

All applicants must complete one test from each category.

1. Standardized Test
2. Math SAT test that is subject
3. Science SAT Subject Test
For native English speakers:

We require the SAT or even the ACT. In addition, we require two SAT tests that are subject one in math (level one or two), and one in science (physics, chemistry, or biology e/m). We do not have a preference as to which science test you take or which math level you are taking. Continue reading