Biedermeier is a fashionable design style popular with collectors, decorators, and fans of top quality antiques. A popular design style favored in Germany, Austria, and northern Europe between 1815 and 1860 Biedermeier furniture is having a major modern comeback.

Although the name Biedermeier is mostly applied to furniture, the name can also describe a certain style of porcelain, painting, sculpture, glass, and even music. The term is derived from Gottlieb Biedermeier, an imaginary figure who appeared in satirical publications of the time. Bieder meaning “plain” and Meier being a common German surname came to describe the solid virtues of the middle class. The style developed as a reaction the pompous splendor and extravagant look of the empire style that had swept across Europe during the first 15 years of the 19th century. Biedermeier is based on a pared down Neo-Classical style and is characterized by solid architectural form and classic decoration. Pale woods such as maple, cherry, pear, and ash are typical of Biedermeier style. In order to be considered Biedermeier, an object or piece of music must be well made and stand the test of time.

AntiquitiesWeb carries many Biedermeier pieces that have not only stood the test of time but have improved with age. These pieces are only a small section of our entire Biedermeier collection:


Biedermeier Cigar Desk oak desk, etched glass flip top door with interior compartments, set on four square legs above single shelf. Circa 1840-1860.


Biedermeier Secretaire walnut and rootwood with brass hardware. Fall front writing surface with interior drawers above three large exterior drawers. Circa 1880.


Biedermeier Sofa walnut, rootwood and ebony with medium blue upholstery and a silver floral pattern. Circa 1820-1840.


Biedermeier “piano” writing desk. Piano base w/mahogany and pyramide-mahogany veneer w/maple vein contours. Presumable after WW1, changed from piano to writing desk, manufactured south west old Austrian Hungarian monarch. Private estate in Vienna, completely restored and repolished. Certificate of Origin Budapest Hungary. Circa 1860-1880.

If you need to refresh your entire home or add just one special piece, contact AntiquitiesWeb. Our selection of top quality antiques are unique, original, and timelessly beautiful. Whether you are looking for a stylish armoire or a cigar desk for your parlor AntiquitiesWeb has the piece for you. To see these pieces and more call us at 212-644-4236, contact us, or visit our New York gallery.

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